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History 318D

Lionism started its glorious march in the state of Kerala with the organization of the Lions Club of Calicut, sponsored by the Lions Cluib of Coimbatore on December 28, 1959 as part of District 304-S comprising entire south India and Sri Lanka. Ln late M V Venkitaraman of Madras was the District Governor and was Multiple Council Chairperson simultaneously for whole of India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Burma. Three more Clubs, viz. Cochin, Palghat and Cannanore, were formed in Kerala during the same lionistic year. Ln Venketaraman was elected for a second term, but he expired on Oct 12, 1960. Ln T Sundaram Chettiar was nominated for the remaining year and he was also elected as Governor for the next year. During this period Kerala had six more clubs viz. Trichur, Alleppey, Quilon, Trivandrum, Kottayam and Tellichery.

Kerala had its first District Governor, Ln Dr A K Haridas of Palghat, in 1964. This able leader was also Multiple Council Chairperson. During his Governorship clubs in Kerala increased to 19 and membership to 703.

In 1966, District 304-S was redistricted into 304-S1 (Tamil Nadu, Kerala & Sri Lanka) and 304-S2 (Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka). The Governor in District 304-S1 was late Ln Justice P Govinda Menon of Cochin. In the next redistricting Kerala fell in District 304-S3 in 1970 and Ln A G Nair of Calicut became its first District Governor. In 1973 the entire District 304 redistricted into 4 Multiple Districts viz. 321, 322, 323 and 324. The earstwhile 304-S3 became 324 and Ln P Dinakaran Achan of Trichur became Governor of 324E (Kerala).

Again, in 1989, District 324E was divided into 324E1 and 324E2; Karukutty to north end of Kerala was 324E2 and Ln K T Radhakrishnan MJF was the first Governor of 324E2. 2004 witnessed another division. The whole 324E1 and 324E2 comprising whole parts of Kerala were divided into 324E1, 324E2, 324E3, 324E4 & 324E5, still part of Multiple Council 324. The revenue Districts of Thrissur, Palghat & Malapuram fell in 324E2 and Ln T.J.Thomas of Irinjalakuda became the Governor of 324E2.

In 2009, the whole Kerala became a separate Multiple District Council, 324E. Thus the whole of Kerala which was part of a District 304-S in 1959 became a single district 324E in 1973, and now a Multiple District 324E. In 2012, all districts were renamed. Kerala, the Multiple District 324E, became 318 and district 324E2 became 318D; its first Governor being Ln Adv M V Suryaprabha MJF, the first female Governor of the district. The multiple district 318 boasts with 15,975 Lion members as on Sept 1, 2012 in which 1,295 are Lady Lions spread in 488 clubs. The District 318D has 3,449 members in which 230 are Lady Lions, spread in 100 clubs, and keep growing stronger!

District Governor’s
Service Programmes
Kidney Care & Dialysis Programme

Identifying and sponsoring BPL patients for dialysis programme

Home for Homeless

For construction/Renovation of a house

Life Line

Identify Heart Patients among BPL group and provide service to safeguard the life of such patients